Malabar Vega

MALABAR VEGA is a Special variant cement, also a portland pozzolana cement, while flyash is restricted to 18% thus gives Supreme changes to the cement quality.

1.Fast setting and Hardening
2.High Early Strength. 
3.High Durability
4.Reduced bleeding due to high
Fineness of cement.
5.High strength concrete

1.Exclusively Designed for the production of precast materials  like Paving Blocks and Bricks.
2.Suitable for wide range of applications as a substitute for OPC
3.Suitable for commercial high rise building.
4.Mass concrete work .
5.Suitable for underwater concreting.

Malabar Drymix

MALABAR Drymix is a Sand Cement and Special additive based modifier plaster. It is easy to use and binds better to the substrate.
Key features include High Strength, Excellent Water Retention, Excellent coverage, Economical and hassle free usage. Since Malabar Drymix is premixed, application is much faster than conventional products thus saving huge time.
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Malabar Super

Afabulous product in every sense: Super in strength, Wonderful in workability, Incredible in aging, Implausible in durability, and Fantastic in strength gain. An AMAZING performer!

Tests carried out by Bureau of Indian Standards have established unshakeable credentials of Malabar Super. Super strength accelerates setting time and fine finish. Malabar super is superior in strength to ordinary '43' grade cement. It attains the 28 days' strength required as per IS in just 7 days’ time. Not only that, the strength attained in 28 days’ time is about 50 percent more than the IS specification. The amazing strength of Malabar Super arises from its unequalled particle fineness, 33 percent more than the IS specification and consistency in composition, made so by computerized process control system.





Malabar Classic


Superior in its class of cements, it offers better setting properties delayed initial set and early final set offering more working time and reduced observation time.


Structures achieve excellent dimensional stability with the heat resistant properties of MALABAR CLASSIC. It also reduces heat generation during hydration, making it a better workable finished product absolutely reliable. The extra fineness welded into it allows MALABAR CLASSIC better coverage and finish in wall and roof plastering. This in turn, reduces paint consumption.





Malabar Aiswarya


It brings prosperity in many ways. It increases the life of your structures by safeguarding against sulphate attack. Aiswarya offers high quality at reduced price.


Aiswarya generates less heat of hydration, reduces the formation of getting cracks. This product is best studied for constructions in soil and water with excess alkali metals, sulphates, alumina, iron and acidic waters. To obtain the best quality cement, only glassy granulated slag is used for product manufacturing. With very low magnesium oxide content this provides shape stability for concrete structures.




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